Agencies and Professionals

Opportunities for Agencies and Professionals:

•Access educated and trained social work interns and graduates 

•Collaborate with a school of social work 

•Obtain information about evidence-based trauma treatment training

I have been very very impressed with the quality of the students ... One of them, when I went to the first case conference and she presented, I was beside myself because she sounded like somebody who had been doing this for a while .... So there is something you are giving the students in this program that may not be happening with others .... the students trained in the TFCBT model, clinically they are coming out much stronger. - Manager from a mental agency participating in the full educational model

Work with a School of Social Work
Are you interested in collaborating with a school of social work that offers coursework in child and adolescent trauma (read more about our Core Concepts curriculum here) or that participates in the National Center’s full educational model which prepares students for trauma-informed practice through coursework, training, and fieldwork (read more about the full educational model here). View this map to find out which schools have implemented the full education model (partner schools) or have offered a Core Concepts course.

How your agency will benefit from the collaboration: (1) access to interns and recent graduates with foundational child and adolescent trauma knowledge and some training in an evidence-based trauma treatment method (click here to view positions and settings alumni are employed in); and/or (2)  information about educational and training opportunities for field instructors and staff. Contact us for more information about collaborating with a local school of social work.

untitledCompared to their counterparts from other mental health fields, social workers are more likely to work with traumatized children, adolescents, and their families at community-based agencies. The National Center is engaged in capacity building for schools of social work that wish to offer students the latest child trauma knowledge and information about the developmental impacts of trauma. Student who receive foundational trauma knowledge are better able to diagnose and treat traumatized children and adolescents.

Learn About Evidence-Based Trauma Treatment Training 
Are you interested in training your staff in an evidence-based trauma treatment (EBTT)? The National Center can connect you with EBTT developers, trainers, and/or low-cost training opportunities. Do you employ social work clinicians already trained in an EBTT? Are they interested in serving as field instructors to students trained in the same EBTT?  Read more about trauma-informed, evidence-based service delivery here.

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