Building Workforce Capacity

Currently, there is a shortage of social workers prepared to deliver culturally competent, evidence-based child trauma treatment in our communities. To address this shortage, the National Center promotes moving on-the job training “upstream” from community agencies into the curriculum of schools of social work. The National Center’s “upstream model” introduces a Trauma Specialization into schools of social work and provides integrated course work, evidence-based trauma treatment training, and a clinical field practicum for students. The full “upstream” educational and training model builds the capacity of schools, students, and community agencies to deliver competent trauma assessment and treatment. Since 2009 the National Center has piloted the full educational “upstream model” at eleven schools. The following figure illustrates the triad of students, faculty, and field agencies involved in the full educational model.

The “upstream” model of social work trauma education and training was developed by the National Center and is being adopted by an increasing number of schools of social work.

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