Outcomes 2010 – 2015

Evaluation Reports

Mental Health Course Aggregate Report 2010-2015

Child Welfare Course Aggregate Report 2010-2015

Students Gain ‘Core Concepts Confidence’ from Pre to Post Test

I obtained a lot of useful information that I can apply not only professionally, but personally as well. This was an excellent class and I am now trauma informed. - Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service student who completed the clinical Core Concepts course

Students taking Core Concepts of Child and Adolescent Trauma or Trauma Informed Child Welfare participate in a program evaluation. A survey is administered at the beginning and end of each course to measure changes in mean student ‘core concepts confidence’. The survey measures student confidence in twelve core concepts of trauma that are introduced in each course  using a nine-point likert scale. The graphs  below illustrate consistent increases in mean student ‘core concepts confidence,  by course, from pre to post test for all students taking the courses between 2010 and 2014. To view additional graphs illustrating student and faculty satisfaction click here.




Course Design – Student Satisfaction Rates



 Teaching Method/Process Faculty Evaluation
2012-2014 Faculty Learning Collaborative Participants


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