Faculty Publications

Strand, V., Popescu, M., Abramovitz, R & Richards, S. (2015).  Building agency capacity for trauma informed evidence-based practice and field instruction.  Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 00, 1-19.

Strand, V., Abramovitz, R., Layne, C., Robinson, H. & Way, I. (2014). Meeting the critical need for trauma education: A problem-based learning approach. Journal of Social Work Education, 50(1), 120-135.

Layne, C.M., Strand, V.C, Popescu, M., Kaplow, J.P., Abramovitz, R., Stuber, M., …………. Pynoos, R.S. (2014) Using the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma to strengthen clinical knowledge in evidence-based practitioners. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 0(0), 1–15,20.

Strand, V., Hansen, S, & Courtney, D. (2013) Common elements across trauma treatments: Discovery and implications. Advances in Social Work Practice. 14 (2), 334-354.

Layne, C. M.; Ippen, .C. G; Strand, V; Stuber, M; Abramovitz, R. Reyes, Jackson, L.A.; Ross, L; Curtis, A. Lipscomb L; Pynoos, R.;(2011). The Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma: A tool for training a trauma-informed workforce.. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 3(3), 243-252.


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