Implementation Science

Implementation Science
Research is establishing a strong evidence base for specific trauma treatment practices. But making evidence-based trauma treatments (EBTTs) and research evidence available to organizations does not guarantee implementation. Implementing EBTTs continues to be a challenge for many organizations (Bellamy, Bledsoe, & Traube, 2006). Training agency staff in an EBTT is not enough to sustain EBTT practice delivery. Implementation requires change and as such is not a one time event but a process that occurs over stages. Organizations benefit from an implementation process that helps:

  • ready their organization for implementation
  • choose an EBTT suitable for their clients
  • assess their ability to support and maintain the intervention
  • assess their capacity to deliver the evidence based practice
  • select an implementation approach that works within their organization’s context and culture
At the national level, organizations like the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) are establishing scientific models of evidence-based practice implementation. For professionals and organizations, NIRN offers a free “active implementation hub” that includes online learning modules, resources, and learning spaces.

Implementation Consultation Program
The National Center is collaborating with partner schools, NIRN, and community agencies committed to becoming more trauma-informed as part of implementing evidence-based trauma treatments. The consultation program helps agencies  adapt NIRN’s implementation frameworks to prepare for and create sustainable EBTT service delivery by:

  • assessing organizational readiness to implement an EBTT
  • developing and utilizing implementation teams
  • understanding and carrying out stage-based implementation
  • preparing for implementation through staff training
  • strengthening key organization competency and leadership drivers of successful implementation
  • developing data collection and monitoring systems

The consultation program is being piloted with select agencies at this time.

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